Teztecch Shoots

Embark on a visual journey with Teztecch, where we blend creativity and expertise to bring your brand to life through our comprehensive shoot services.

We offer the following shoot services

Our Services

1) Profile Shoots

Your brand story is the central theme of your business and defines success by generating leads, attracting talents, building you a reputation as it captures the attention of your audience. We help you tell your corporate story which engages the stakeholders and make the believes of clients stronger. With loads of passion, we are excellent at design metrics-based photographs and video content.

  • Testimonial videos- A brand is recognized when their customers start talking about their brand value. A testimonial video is powerful, impactful and memorable since it speaks about how you made their job easy. Our customer testimonial videos are strategically created on sales pages, to give your blog content a boost, while supporting your SEO strategy.
  • Training Videos- Creating a systematic workflow so as it’s easy to explain the company’s system is very important. It saves your time and budget for multiple new recruitments. Training videos are actually a future investment to the company.
  • B2B Videos- These videos generate leads, boosts your brand awareness, increases conversions by improving customer retention and reducing the cost of sales. Actually, a revenue-generating source, these videos are of utmost importance while discussing your business.

2) Event Videography

Organising an event but don’t know what to showcase your customers? We capture your best memories of the events that represent your brand by making your event look spectacular. Reach your audience through live streaming, a highlights video, behind the scenes clips, and reels for your social media; we have you covered to run your event smoothly. Event photographs are important to make a great profile through brochures, flyers, etc. We offer these services for conferences, exhibitions, lectures, charity events, crowd-funding, launch parties, webcasts, and award ceremonies.

3) Product Shoots

Online shoppers want the photographs which help bring products to life. They want to see the products as a part of their own daily lives. Product photography is powerful as it narrates a story: about the brand, what it means to consumers, and why the user should care about it. Convert prospects to your loyal customer through customer education videos. Teach your audience how to use your product at its full potential. These videos will increase customer satisfaction and also help you to reduce your fear of product return. Inspire your users to be your ambassadors.

4) Modelling Shoot

Our cost-effective yet highly professional production process engages your audience to detailing by creating an emphasis on beautiful imagery of your fashion brand. From Mannequin, commercial products, fashion catwalk to 360 degrees photography & videography, we showcase the best of your brands ensuring effective leads.

5) Wedding Videography

We create beautiful & heart-warming wedding films for couples. We work to record every special moment of your wedding, capturing it on film cameras for you to cherish through the years to come. Being the masters of creative styling, we capture the natural moments of joy so that not a single expression is missed by. From pre-wedding to post, we cover all your wedding photography & videography profile. We would love to be a part of your big day!