Google Trends is a very famous Google tool and it is the favorite tool of all the Seo Analyser. This toolkit was founded on September 27, 2012, Google incorporated Google data into Google trends. It is mainly used for advanced analytics and search. It shows how often a given search is indexed by Google’s search engine. We know these days the whole world follows trends. also, we know trends change day by day. So how do you know what a trend is going on, so here this tool helps us to know about the trends.
Advanced search is used to test people’s interests and opinions on specific topics. Google Trends provides us with any topic-related data, including search volume index and location information by search engine users. With the help of this tool, we can compare two or more trendy searches. Comparisons make our work easier, and we can find the right people’s interest in it. The information provided on google Trends is updated daily. Google’s trends show us the latest trending searches, and we can also search for any trends year after year, Hence in this way Google helps us to grow our business because of this tool we can check what people’s preferences are or what people want or need and using all this information we can grow our business.

Google Trends analyses the popularity of top Google search queries worldwide in different regions and languages. Google Trends provides us with keyword-related information and provides us with trending searches. As we have said, this tool is an analytical tool. The graph method used in the tool makes our work easier to analyze. Google Trends helps us to explore the world and allows us to explore the various possibilities that are best for us.

Following are the ways to use the Google Trends Tools in SEO.

Discover New Fashion Articles

It helps us to discover new top topics for your content, By using google trends we can explore what people are looking for and add those topics to your content to make your website trendy. It is useful to identify top topics or subtopics that people need.

Knowing the Needs of People

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, many people use Google to search and buy. Everyone uses Google, because it helps us to know about people who need services which is why we can use Google trends to know more about the needs of different people we can also point people and search them easily hence after knowing the need of people we can easily reach them in this way our website ranking on Google search page improve hence the use of google trend is very beneficial for seo.

Google Trends keyword research

Keywords are very important in SEO. It is very important to choose the right keywords. Google Trends helps us find keywords. This tool helps us to find more keywords and after using these keywords we can set keywords on our website. Search keywords in SEO help us to identify which keywords are the most popular and which ones are the least.

Identify People by Location

After discovering a trendy search we can point people at any  place, Google trends show us to show the results for various regions of the world. If after using google Trends for SEO we find that some people in a particular region want certain content, product, or other service, so that we can reach those people to meet their needs. This process is called by locally targeted people, in this way we can meet people’s needs and make a profit with the help of our business website. This process helps us to get more traffic to our website in less time.


Comparing two or more google searches is one of the best features of google trends. In this, after comparison, we can get an idea of ​​which topic gets more traffic than another And we can understand that the level of demand rises and falls and which trend grows faster. We can also compare keywords, and we can find more and more keywords through this process. We can compare topics or key words with national interests for a specific reason. So we can reach more people, and it helps to grow our website, using googles for SEO can make a positive difference in our business.

Predicting the Future Trend

If we continue to look at trends on Google we can predict future trends, yes it is possible, we can predict future trends, we can see the best search graph if the graph increases day by day by searching for something , or we can say the need for certain people is growing, so we can apply this strategy to our future content.

Finding Related Articles

Just as we can find keywords in Google Trend we can also find Google-related trends as we know that everyone on Google is searching in their own way in any languages ​​in this world and hence google allows us to use any language on Google we can find many similar articles on it.